DabStraw Silicone Honey Straw

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The Silicone Honey Straw is a convenient and easy way to enjoy your concentrates. Although the body of the honey straw is made of silicone, the tip is detachable titanium. Simply insert the tip into the allotted larger opening, heat it until it is glowing, enjoy your wax then wait for the tip to cool down. Now you can remove the tip for easy cleaning. When not in use there is a silicone cap that fits over this end. there are bumps on circling the Silicone Honey Straw that allows you to place it down without the tip making any contact with your table or surface. A honey straw has never been more portable!

Original Kit Includes:
  • Silicone DabStraw
  • 14mm Gr2 Titanium Nail
  • Dish
  • Tool

Adding a Nail Includes:

  • Original Kit w/
  • Quartz Nail or
  • Ceramic Nail or
  • Both Quartz and Ceramic Nails
  • Protective Travel Case