Just Dab. Liquifier

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JUST DAB Liquifier is a universal base derived of a proprietary blend of PG and organic Terpenes(Limonene, Myrcene, etc.) for both water and oil soluble herbal extracts. From the vanilla extract at the supermarket to thick concentrates such as shatter, JUST DAB Liquifier will produce a stable and smooth flowing Liquid that WILL NOT separate or clog up in your tank.

It has never been easier or faster to create your own juice from easy to find herbal extracts.

 Mixing ratios:
Mix 1:2 / extract:JustDab = smooth flowing Liquid
Mix 1:1                                  =      thick potent Liquid
JUST DAB. works fine on its own. Just add flavor.
Ingredients: Food Grade Propylene Glycol, 100% Organic Terpenes 

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