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  • Honey Straw V1

    The Honey Straw V1  This piece features the original sleek body that still allows you to watch and enjoy your clouds as they percolate. The Honey Straw is quickly becoming the go to concentrate accessory. Kit...

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  • Honey Straw V2

    The Honey Straw V2 The Honey Straw V2 is here. We noticed that honey straws are a popular item, but to find one that wasn't bulky and still had a unique look without costing an arm and a leg was, well, not easy. After a months of research and...

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  • Joint Wax

    What is Joint Wax? Joint Wax is a 100% all natural custom wax blend used to protect scientific and other glass joints. Why do I Want Joint Wax? Joint Wax Prevents Glass Grinding & Frozen Joints. It doesn’t slip; it grips and holds to...

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  • Lil' Dipper Silicone Honey Straw

      The Lil' Dipper is a convenient and easy way to enjoy your concentrates. Although the body of the honey straw is made of silicone, the tip is detachable titanium. Simply insert the tip into the allotted larger opening, heat it until it is...

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  • Palm-Sized Dab Torch

    We all love high-quality and durable torch lighters, and these torches are no exception! With an ergonomic design fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand and packing a powerful flame while in use, these portable torch lighters are the...

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  • The Original 710 Case

    Complete Pen Kit... This is a complete kit for beginners and veteran alike.  It comes with a carry case, that puts an end to carrying the pen unprotected in your pockets.  No more of that unwanted pocket stench and no more accidental...

    Was: $14.99
    Now: $9.99
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